Register to Vote

3 Steps to Make Sure Your Voice is Heard

  1. Register to Vote
  2. Decide if you will vote by mail or in person
  3. Request a ballot or find your local polling place

Upcoming Key Dates

  • November 3rd – Election Day!

Become a Poll Worker

America is facing a record shortage of poll workers this year due to COVID-19. Help ensure a safe, fair and efficient election by staffing your local polling place.

Poll workers receive:
*Varies by district

Become a Native Vote Coordinator

Join us in helping Get-Out-The-Native-Vote this election! Native Vote Coordinators:

  1. Encourage active voter participation in your community
  2. Serve as a liaison between NCAI and local Native voters
  3. Participate in NCAI webinars, call and trainings
  4. Manage the Native Vote Facebook page in your region
  5. Follow Native Vote and Non Profit Guidelines for non-partisan activity

Native Vote is a non-partisan initiative. All Native Vote activities will be conducted in a nonpartisan manner in compliance with IRS rules and regulations and will not constitute prohibited political activity. We do not endorse any candidate for office or support any partisan statements or endorsements expressed by members of