Native Americans: Rights To Vote And To Get Job Opportunities

Although Native Americans were already living in the current US area since centuries, they had to struggle before to acquire full US citizenship. And, even after that, they were often disregarded and emarginated from most important life spheres, for example, in the job and career market or as to rights to vote and take part to political elections.

Getting Into America’s Mainstream Culture

During the course of time, several government officials did realize that Native Americans deserved to be somehow assimilated into the raising American mainstream culture. The Dawes Act in 1887 worked to achieve this goal. However, that Act formally destroyed the legitimacy of tribes, that represented the main social cell in the Native Americans’ vision and culture. In addition, the Act practically took away large areas of land where Natives had their tribes established. The effect were certainly disastrous on many tribes, that slowly lost their culture and traditions.

Finally, in 1924 a new document, the Synder Act admitted Native Americans to be full US citizens, which means that all Natives had right to vote. Between what is legally admitted and what is practically done there’s always an ocean distance: so, since each State in the US can decide who has the right to vote, as a result, Natives were still preserved from voting. Starting from 1948 to 1962 all the States agreed to allow all Natives to vote.

Job Careers Have To Be Opened To Everyone

One aspect of the admission of Native Americans to the full US citizenship involves the job opportunities field. For decades Natives lived apart from the US society, doing in-home jobs and manufacturing typical hand-crafted items to sell to tourists.

Today, Natives have full rights to get a job opportunity as well as any other American. As a matter of fact, young Native Americans often find realistic job positions as self-employed professionals in specific fields, like:

  • Locksmith
  • Roofing experts
  • Plumbing contractors
  • Electricians  
  • Movers

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