Key States

Every year Native Vote selects key states based on the population of Native Voters, current elections, and the potential impact of the vote. For the 2014 election we will continue to encourage and support the Native Vote efforts of all tribes and their communities. Working with tribes, regional tribal associations, tribal non-profits, grassroot voter groups, youth groups, and volunteers as partners to expand our outreach efforts in Indian Country.


For each key state, we've provided information on primary and caucus dates, registration deadlines and requirements, polling locations and times, and links to key election websites for more information.



Alaska Florida Michigan Nevada North
Arizona Iowa Minnesota New Mexico Oklahoma Washington
Colorado Massachusetts Montana North Carolina Oregon Wisconsin

Other States


C. Scott Sanders

Principal Chief

Lower Creek Muscogee Tribe East, Star Clan


Violet Hamilton

Tribal Chief

Cher-O-Creek, Intra Tribal Lands



Kyle Crandell (SoCal)

Dennis J. Coker

Principal Chief

Lenape Indian Tribe of Delaware


Tosawi Marshall

Executive Director

American Indian Chamber of Commerce of Texas



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