Elections & Voting in Nebraska

Election Day is November 8, 2022

  • October 7                    First day of early in-person absentee voting
  • October 21                  Postmark deadline for mailed-in voter registrations
  • October 21                  Deadline for online voter registration
  • October 28                  Deadline for in-person voter registration (no same-day registration)
  • October 28                  Deadline to apply for absentee ballot
  • November 7                Last day of early in-person absentee voting
  • November 8                Deadline for election authority to receive absentee ballot
  • November 8                Election day


To register to vote in Nebraska, you must:

  • Be 18 years old
  • Be a resident of Nebraska and the county where you are registering
  • Be a United States citizen
  • Not be found mentally competent by a court
  • If you have been convicted of a felony, either in Nebraska or another state or in federal court, you cannot register to vote until two years after the completion of your sentence including any probation or parole term.


How to register to vote:

  • Complete an online voter registration at NEReg2Vote. This application is available 24/7 and accessible by computer as well as mobile devices.
  • You may register in person at your county election office. You do not need to bring anything with you to register to vote at the county election office.
  • You may register in person through the state Department of Motor Vehicles when applying for or renewing your driver’s license. Additionally, you can complete an online voter registration through the DMV when you renew or order a duplicate driver’s license.
  • You may also register through the state Department of Health and Human Services and State Department of Education at the time of application, review or change of address in connection with public programs.
  • An online voter registration application can be printed for your use. You must mail your application to your county election office. Addresses for the offices are listed on the form.
  • If registering for the first time in Nebraska by mail, please provide a copy of a current and valid photo ID, or a copy of a utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck or other government document which is dated within 60 days immediately prior to the date of presentation showing the same name and residence address provided on the voter registration application to avoid delays with your registration.
  • You must sign your Voter Registration Application before it is returned to your County Clerk/Election Commissioner’s office.


Voter ID Requirements

The only time voters are asked for their ID (or a form of address verification) is if they were a first time Nebraska registrant who mailed in their registration application and didn’t provide ID or a form of address verification (copy of a utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that is current and shows your name and residence address) at that time.


Absentee Voting

Nebraska is a “no-excuse” state, meaning any registered voter may request an early-voting (absentee) ballot, and is not required to provide a reason.

You can apply for an early-voting (absentee) ballot by contacting your county election office by mail or by fax. You can print an online early voting application, complete the form, and then mail, fax or scan/take a picture of your application and email it to your county election office. The last day for an early-voting application to be received is 6 p.m. on the second Friday preceding the election.

You can vote early in-person at your county election office for a period prior to an election (30 days prior to a primary or general election and 15 days for all other elections). The day before the election is the last day to vote early in person.


Must I designate a party affiliation?

  • No, voters may choose from any party that is recognized in Nebraska or they may choose to not affiliate with any party by checking the non-partisan box on the application.
  • If you wish to vote in the primary election, where parties choose their nominees for state and county offices, you need to declare your party affiliation.
  • If you register without a political party affiliation, you will receive only the non-partisan ballots at a primary election.
  • Non-partisans may designate a party preference at primary elections and receive partisan ballots for the Senate and House congressional races.
  • Party designation has no bearing when voting a non-partisan ballot or in the general election.




Tribes in Nebraska

Federally recognized tribes

  • Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska
  • Santee Sioux Nation, Nebraska
  • Ponca Tribe of Nebraska
  • Omaha Tribe of Nebraska

State recognized tribes

  • None

Native Vote Coordinators

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Major Party Contact Information

Chair, Vincent Powers

Chairman, Dan Welch

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