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NCAI Native Voter Action Kit

NCAI TCU Voter Toolkit

Native American Rights Fund Resources for Native Voters & Tribes

Government and Elections 101


Classroom Resources

Native Vote Democracy Class Curriculum Supplement  

Teachers Guide Native Vote


Voter Intimidation Resources

Questionnaires for gathering information on incidents at the polls:

    • Short form questionnaire in English: here.
    • Short form questionnaire in Spanish: here.
    • Long form questionnaire with sample affidavit in English: here.
    • Long form questionnaire with sample affidavit in Spanish: here.

Digital know-your-rights guide to use on your phone: here.

What to do in case of voter intimidation guide: here.

Voter intimidation reporting guide:

    • 2 page version: here.
    • Extended 5 page version: here.


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Archived Resources 

NCAI Political Platform Update for 2020

NCAI Policy Update from 2020 ECWS

Native Vote Infographic Brochure

Download the 2022 Native Vote Analysis Report here.

Native Vote State Brochures – Find out more about voting in your state!

2020 Native Vote Videos